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Q: What do your training sessions look like?
A: We offer personal training sessions, but the bulk of our training is in small groups. Small groups bring out the best in people, with each person responsible for his or her own programs while helping, spotting, and encouraging others in the class.

A truly empowering way to train! Four to six people with a Top Form, Inc. professional trainer for each, working toward their personal excellence.

Q: What does your training consist of?
A: The backbone of our programs is education. We want individuals to have the proper tools to be empowered to pursue their personal goals. Any good program starts with a good strength program!

Speed, balance, movement, and agility all progress from a strong strength base! Individuals will be functionally evaluated and a personal strength program will be designed, using a variety of equipment like free weights, machines, thera-balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, and much more. From this base, we supplement your fitness with training in other disciplines: plyometrics, vision, nutrition, mental training, speed, agility, balance, and overall fitness.

Each discipline will build through a functional and educational progression to ensure individuals have both, the skill and knowledge set to progress toward more difficult training levels.

Q: Why is Top Form, Inc. so concerned about the educational component?
A: Education is empowerment! The more we impart as to why we are training and how the training is affecting you, the better your commitment will be toward reaching your goals!

Education makes us understand that this is a journey to better health, athleticism, and your personal goals - NOT just a workout!! We find this especially true when approaching our athletes' nutrition. We are here to help the entire individual in all components of health and fitness.

Q: How do you train athletes of differing ages, abilities, and sports?
A: Our programs are age-appropriate and functionally progressed! Now what does that mean? A 7th grader will not train the same as a junior, nor will the junior train like a college athlete. We monitor your speed, strength, power, etc. progress according to the growth and development of each individual. Many exercises used in the college setting should never be used at the high school level as this can lead to injury!

But, we also train functionality. That is to say, when an athlete stays with us and reaches (safely and appropriately) ever increasing levels of difficulty, he/she may reach incredibly high levels of training in his or her Junior and Senior years at high school. Each board exercise is chosen to impact our training pyramid (click to see Training Pyramid).

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