Spartan SGX


This is not going to be you average type of training program. Spartan SGX is a philosophy designed by athletes to “Build Better Humans!” So your training carries on even while you’re not in the gym, on the course or on a trail run.

Top Form’s Spartan SGX obstacle training program is designed for every fitness level and any age, a scientifically-supported solution to get anyone physically and mentally prepared for a Spartan Race, or to live more vitally. SGX is grounded in functional body weight exercise to improve agility, athleticism and power; the workouts are progressive, varying in exercise volume, intensity and specificity over time. SGX is also about empowerment. Participating in a obstacle race requires all-around fitness, SGX training develops well-rounded athletes. Because every race is different, SGX training builds the mental and physical capability to take on whatever challenge arises. SGX training will benefit you on the race course or on the soccer field, at the box or at the yoga studio, on the track or on the trail, at work and at home, and in how you feel every day.

Top Form’s SGX Program is an individually designed 12 week plan that will progressively challenge you!

Phase 1 - FUNCTION
The focus is on ATHLETICISM, ATTITUDE AND NUTRITION! You will be introduced to fundamental movements and nutritional strategies as you build a foundation to grow on!

Phase 2 - FITNESS
Here we will add STAMINA and READINESS! We will increase work capacity, strength, self-confidence and self-motivation! Your body has begun to adapt…time to SPARTAN UP and demand more!

Say hello to TENACITY and POWER! You will be pushed right out of your “comfort zone” with both physically and mentally challenging workouts that will target your weaknesses!

  • We train indoors and out…rain is a good thing!!
  • You will have homework!
  • You will bend, crawl, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, sprint, squat and twist…exactly what your body has been designed to do!
  • You will have fun!

Whether you’ve never played on an obstacle course before and want to see what it’s all about, you’re just looking for something different to get fit, or you’re an elite athlete looking to take it to the next level…we can get you there!!!

Contact Kim Donovan at SGXCOACHKIM@ICLOUD.COM or stop by Top Form in Delmar for more information!

Top Form Bootcamp

Top Form Bootcamp

This high-energy class mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. The classes are always different, so you never know what fun you are going to get! You will however always get an incredible full body workout that will improve your stamina and leave you stronger than you were before! We train inside and out, weather depending. Come ready to sweat!

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