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Alexandra Wagner | Clifton Park

Alexandra Wagner | Clifton Park

"In the process of raising my children I lost track of my personal health. I gained some weight and my son's wedding was less than 10 months away. There was nothing I wanted more than to look and feel beautiful on my son's wedding day.

I lost 20 lbs in 2 months training at Top Form in Clifton Park. The trainers at Top Form have been tremendous. They always ask me how my body feels and work around my aches and pains instead of forcing me to do exercises that aren't right for my body on a given day. My schedule can be a little hectic at times and they always make their best effort to accommodate me so I can get my workouts in. I feel more confident and proud! Thanks Team Top Form!"

Landon Moore | Defensive end at Marist College

Landon Moore | Defensive end at Marist College

"When I came to Top Form, I was in 9th grade. I wanted to start on my high school football team. I knew I had to lift weights and get faster. We were lifting at school but I wanted professional instruction to make sure I learned the right way, and to get results.

I'm proud to say that I'm now the starting DE for Marist, a Division I-A college football team. Top Form helped me reach my goals and continues to be a great resource for me. They help me with college programs, help monitor progress, and add things in to get specific results. Joining Top Form has been instrumental for my development as an athlete."

Cam Olson | Clifton Park

Cam Olson | Clifton Park

"I started training at Top form when I was 14. My goal was to go as far as I could with Soccer. Top Form taught me self-discipline, to strive to become better, and that success is measured by personal growth. The trainers instill a certain confidence and mentality within their athletes.

To this day 8 years later, I use the lessons I learned from my trainer, Mike Reeves, both in athletics and in life. The training I received helped me to compete at an elite level as a soccer player. Pushing yourself beyond your own limitations is what creates greatness and Top Form gives you the opportunity to accomplish that."

Mackenzie Hinchliffe | Ithaca College

Mackenzie Hinchliffe | Ithaca College

"I really wanted to play soccer in college and I was getting looked at by several schools. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL in the spring of my senior year. I was devastated. When I came to Top Form, I was a shell of my former self. I had lost my confidence and my spirit. Mike recommended I start the ACL bridge program, but I had no idea what to expect.

Not only did I return to playing, the trainers progressed my program to a very high level. I'm more athletic now than I ever was before my injury. What impressed me the most was their knowledge of all the different aspects of performance. I'm now playing for the Ithaca Bombers, a Division III college soccer team."


"Tom Form has helped me a great deal! I was in a very traumatic motorcycle accident, where we were hit by a drunk driver in an SUV. My left leg was severed to the point it had to be amputated. After coming home from the hospital, I knew I had to find a place to help me build my strength again. I have never been the "gym" type, but one day my daughter told me about "Top Form", so I set up a time to meet with Evan. After explaining to him what I needed, he told me he could help me. So, I started going 3 days a week. I actually looked forward to my workouts each day, and noticed how well I was doing Evan is a very thorough trainer and enjoys working with his clients. I would definitely recommend "Top Form" to anyone who is looking to get in shape and stay in shape. Thank you Evan for all you have done for me!!!"


"Two of our kids have worked out with Evan and the rest of the team at Top Form. What has impressed us the most is the individual attention they have received as part of their respective workout programs. There is no boiler plate approach - Evan asked us up front what we want to focus on and he has put a plan in place that addresses those areas. We feel good about bringing our kids there and they are both enthusiastic about the workouts they are doing."


"I have been working out at Top Form Delmar for about 8 months. This is about 5 months more than I made it at any other gym with any other trainers. Evan and his team create an environment that makes it easier to stick with it. In 8 months, working out twice a week, I have never done the same workout twice. This keeps me interested and committed to keep working out. "


"Choosing to join this gym has been one of my better decisions of late. I had gotten bored with my fitness routine and was unhappy. I needed to be challenged to fight off my continued weight gain and to improve my fitness. Since I started in October, I am happier and healthier because I know each workout will be different, and tailored to my needs and skill. I had never lifted weights or done much strength training before but I am surprised to say it has made a big difference to me. I look forward to continuing and hopefully bringing my kids into the gym as well."

"The upbeat motivation combined with the kind but firm (and often humor-infused) discipline that Evan (and all of his trainers) bring to the getting/staying in shape effort we all work toward/struggle with - is addictive -- in a good way!! Such a positive, supportive and genuine environment - he's got a gift!! Top Form has helped me in so many ways!! "

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